Clark American Legion Post #328


The Officers and active members of Post 328 want to thank you for the generous donations that you have made to Post 328 in the past. Donations aid us to upgrade our facility, perform the necessary maintenance and to provide support to the many programs for our veterans, community and children and youth programs.

Post 328 will always be in need of donations.  Our "Mission Statement" and Vision Statement" remains the same over the years.  Please print the donation form at the bottom to make a donation. 

Donations earmarked for a specific purchase, project or purpose or ina memory of a "departed" comrade, relative, or friend will be marked for that purpose intended. Donations not earmarked will be applied where it will have the greatest immediate impact.

Thank you for your help.  



Enclosed is a contribution for Post 328 to help them achieve their goals:

Enclosed is $___________ in Memory of/or Special Fundraiser –

PLEASE INDICATE:_______________________________________



CITY/STATE/ZIP CODE:_________________________________________

TELEPHONE #:_______________________________________________

Make Check payable to American Legion Post 328 Clark:

Mail to the American Legion Post 328 – 78 Westfield Ave, Clark, NJ 07066

All Donations will be acknowledged. Thank you